Schedule a Session with one of Nashville’s Top Motivational Speakers, Dave Barnett!

Dave is an internationally acclaimed speaker with over 35 years of experience, known for transforming events with his unique blend of motivational storytelling, drama, and humor.

Who We Are

Introducing Dave Barnett: Nashville's Motivational Speaker

Dave Barnett started PoweredUP4Life as a Professional Speaker, with the Vision of seeing empowered individuals and organizations, change lives, and change the world. Dave has given thousands of presentations to individuals young and old, nationally and internationally for over 35 years.

He speaks with a powerful source of personal stories, that invoke humor, tears, and dreams. Dave shares a life of tragedy, trials, and struggles, but is able to take you along with him, as he speaks of hope, triumph and the art of overcoming all the barriers in his presentations.

It’s his ability to give sound, effective, life applications, to overcoming the obstacles that are set before each of us. As he has done with his own life, Dave’s lifelong endeavor is to help those he speaks to, understand that “Starting over, is never over.”

Our Mission

To ensure that no one, nor any organization, believes they are ‘incapable’ of being or doing better, allowing them to realize their calling, goals, and dreams.

Our Purpose

To train, equip, and build into all generations and organizations, the opportunity to find their full potential, and help guide them in their life adventure.

Our Vision

Seeing empowered individuals and organizations, change lives, and change the world.

Success Stories

Neal Harris

“I have been a part of the PoweredUP programming and training for quite some time, even at its inception, while working with Dave for the BSA in high ropes training and corporate team building. Dave and the possibilities of his team, networks, and experience, are useful for all walks of life and skill sets… Everyone can get better, and this organization can help you get there!!”

Jim Bardwell

“I would highly recommend the PoweredUP team to handle your leadership training, event needs, motivational speaking, and other possibilities. I have firsthand experience working with Dave in a number of professional rolls over the past ten years. I have always received a tremendous realization of benefit in every situation. You can trust Dave and the entire PoweredUP team to do the same for you and your organization!”

Pastor Ryan Brown

"Dave and his team will provide a rich opportunity of ministry, training, presentations, events, music and more. I’ve been involved personally with Dave and PoweredUP and know you will be richly blessed, entertained, and motivated, and empowered through the speaking and heart of Dave and his team. I’d recommend Dave and PoweredUP without reservation!!"

What We Do

At PoweredUp4Life, I lead a dedicated team focused on delivering impactful services as a John Maxwell Team Certified coach.

Our expertise lies in motivational and keynote speaking, leadership and team building/training, along with DISC certified profile assessments and training.

Our core mission is to empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential through targeted professional development. Join us for an engaging journey of growth and transformation.

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